El Caminante, San Jose, CA

Walking around San Jose near campus on a pleasantly warm evening I am alerted of a delicious taco truck nearby. The glow of the truck's lighting illuminating the corner of a gas station lot,  "rustic seating" is what comes to mind.  Two long fold up community tables and a sauce/ condiment table(BONUS!) . The truck was to open in 15 minutes and a lazy line had already somewhat formed. Including a woman who insisted we sing her "Happy Birthday" ('AAYYYEE, ITS MUH BERFDEI. AINT Y'ALL GONNA SING!?!). A delightful woman who already started her celebration quite exuberantly. A group of college kids clutching their rush binders given to them from their fraternities and sororities. And also a super cute pit bull pup (who, I unfortunately, did not get a picture of).


3 tacos for $5 fits the bill. Carnitas, Al Pastor, and Suadero. All three come out in a couple minutes, very simple. Meat on two warm corn tortillas. They give you the choice in what to put on it from there. I chose the classic onions, cilantro, and lime. Taco perfection!! All 3 meats were a perfect blend of juicy, salty, and crunchy. Acid from the lime, sweetness from the onion. I don't think it could have been improved much, IF AT ALL!

Now, I could have very well been all wide eyed from a great day.. But! nontheless, I highly reccommend you all to try it out if you're in the area.