Van Life

I've never been camping.


For some reason, I feel like getting a shitty old van and driving down the coast is the answer to this horribly mundane working life. These weeks are flying by; and more and more, dreams of escape to some random interstate is at the forefront of my mind. Should I just go with it? Or accept this working life with open arms. I definitely, am more financially stable. But that in itself, sounds so boring. Though, it is nice to be able to afford certain things.  I go to work, eat a $7.00 salad, work, possibly surf, eat, sleep, and repeat. Now I realize how cliche it is for a surfer to head down route 1 looking for that perfect unridden wave. Even moreso since my dad has already done it in the 70s. What a rebel! escaping suburban Maryland for California, and then back to his homeland, Hawaii. You'd never know it now. Looking at his now rounded figure and odd resemblance to the Colonel of the famed fried variety.


But, that guy has some stories. With 30 fast approaching, have I fully wasted my 20s?? With no stories of running to some far corner and exploring. I feel like all I did was work and not very much else. 

A road trip is definitely in order, and maybe I'll try to camp for the first time. 

Anyhow, sorry for the rambling. I'll let y'all know if something exciting happens. I did skin my knees pretty badly the other day from *ahem* skating.... like a big ol goober. So, I've got that story going for me right now