Something Real, definitely.

I was standing in line at tower records waiting to buy the CD. Wow, that sentence alone shows some time has passed. I remember it was another perfect summer day and I happened to be visiting home on Oahu. There was a lady in line, whom I could tell was a audiophile, was picking up a bunch of albums. She noticed I had picked up the one on the new releases rack. "Something Real" by Meg & Dia....

I first noticed this band on Myspace music. They were the featured band of the day(or week?) and happened to be playing the warped tour, of which, I had tickets to! So I gave them a listen, the songs were extremely catchy and fun, I decided I had to see them 

I remember walking over from some random stage to the "Myspace Tent". It wasn't even a proper stage they were playing in!  The familiar tunes were played,  which I had on constant repeat for the past couple weeks on their Myspace page. Dia's mic cord unplugged at some point during their finale song of "Monster" and also performed barefoot (which I later learned was the norm). They weren't the biggest band or most polished, but I was all in. They were so fun to watch and listen to. 

As the years passed I had seen them countless amounts of times. From rec centers, to the huge venues in the city, to a very strange hot topic tour in a mall. I crisscrossed California to see them. The music was always AMAZING the listen to, and "Setting up Sunday" will ALWAYS be one of my favorite songs of all time. But, what really made this album special, were the memories made while listening and heading to the shows. 

I remember drinking some disgusting UV lemonade vodka in a parking lot on a hot summer day in Sacramento. The first shop we stopped in wouldn't let us buy the bottle because we had some underage friends with us. We went next door. 

I remember leaving the Warfield in the tenderloin district in San Francisco and putting my money in my sock. I had parked a block block away and that was definitely the longest block I had ever walked. It was a delicate balance of not looking like a chump and not looking like I was challenging anyone.

I remember running into Nick, the drummer, and Jon, the bassist at in an In n Out during warped tour and giving them a ride back to the venue. 

I remember the first show I saw them in after warped tour at a random art gallery. They were tallying at the door on a piece of paper, who came to see whom. Meg & Dia , Ronnie Day, or Action Reaction. We chanted for an encore and they sang "Setting up Sunday" and mashed up "Crimson and Clover" towards the end. 

I remember driving to southern California, for the last show they were to play together at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. There was a mix up with their instruments, Dia was touring with Blake Shelton at the time. They had to play the show mostly acoustic. They closed their set with "Roses". More than "100 people" filled the room, for sure, and we all sang our hearts out. It was the biggest gathering of "boardies" (fanclub, kinda?) I had ever seen. I don't think at the time, I was really realizing that I would never hear these songs live, again. I don't know what I'd give to hear "Setting up Sunday" played live, one more time. But, it is a lot.

It has been 10 years since this all began and I am so thankful for the memories and comfort the album and shows gave me. I feel they have made better albums since then but this one. "Something Real". Has an incredibly special place in my heart. 

Thanks for it all.

Happy 10 years guys!!



The audiophile turned to me and said "I was wondering about that one, should I pick it up?"

I said "Definitely."