Almost Home

I got to visit home and it was wonderful. Hawai'i always is. I was sweating constantly with a smile plastered on my face. I had fish! Or, rather, a small piece of poke (I don't eat seafood for all yous readers out there) and it wasn't bad! Slathered in sauce, but it was fine.  I surfed and soaked up all the perf rays. Why did my dad ever make us move from there!? My mom made my favorite meal and I got to spend time with some good friends. Though, I noticed the thing that always has a lasting impression, is leaving...

It's like a mini heartbreak to leave a place so familiar and dear to you. I find myself inhaling deeply at the airport to try and treasure my last few breaths on the island. Once that biting cold air of the airplane hits my nose, it is over. So I inhale. You think how easily you could slip back into place at home. But, then I remember, it is wonderful because it is a sanctuary that I can escape to. It would be divergent from that dream if I were a resident.  And that thought makes the landing back here so much easier. It doesn't keep those thoughts of running back to paradise, out, but keeps me at ease. 


P.S. My Camera ran out of battery (who would have thought to bring a charger!? pssahhh) so I have no other pictures! ughhh