Dating in the 18th century

So I was just thinking about the whole thing about people losing their ability to socialize face to face, especially in a dating setting, and how tech is bringing us all down and whatnots. yadda yaddas. But, could you imagine what "dating" would be in the 18th century?! I imagine there would been a whole lot more pressure than now. No ignoring of texts there! You'd have to send a letter and wait for their response. Or jaunt on down on your horse down to their estate (obv, I have fantasies of where my standing in the 18th century would have been).  Everything would be all neatly packaged in flowery language. Choice of paper and pen, instead of which emoji to follow up your statement with.

"Hello Miss, The morning light of late has been painting something beautiful. I wonder, if you were up and smiling. Only such beauty could inspire our sun to splash a new orange on his clouds for the new day" 

And would they even really date different people?

Your parents would have to set up this whole thing where you all eat together for the first time. Stealing glances across the table from each other awkwardly. Talking about the family business. And how "Pa is doing quite well, Thank you Mr. Miller".  You stroll down by then pond skipping rocks, finally a moment alone, and you realize. You have nothing to talk about.  EEK! How horrible. Too bad. Your parents and her parents set this whole thing up. Gotta get hitched now!

This point of view got me thinking. We don't have it THAT bad. We've got a much larger pool to select from, and definitely more choice of ponds to stroll. I mean, we've got CARS now.  You may have to deal with an un-returned text or some miscommunication. But, overall, we have it much easier than those before us. If you want to go ahead and fb message your 10th grade crush and totally get ignored when you ask her out after weeks of flirty chats and catching up, you can totally do that now. Totally.