Key lime green selling dreams

So this guy walks into my office the other day:

"Hey, can I ask you a few questions?" he says

"...Don't worry it's nothing serious!" He follows up quickly. His hands up, with his palms facing me. He was sort of bouncing his weight from foot to foot to show it was all light hearted. 

He was probably around my age (28) wearing a key lime green dress shirt tucked into his pleated khakis, which billowed slightly at the pocket. His tie happily swaying in white, blue, and green plaid. Hair was wet down and combed to the right  to seem more professional.  

He was selling packages the peppermill, which is a resort in Reno (apparently, the only four star diamond rated property on the west coast..."a dream" he says). I had no interest in going there and I just realized (after a quick google search) that I actually had stayed there before! MY one and only trip to Reno.

I politely decline.

"You ever go to Carl's Jr?" he asks

"Not Much" I respond

"Ahh I see, you don't like burgers" he says on his way out. Tie following him on his shoulder.

I thought to myself, what a rough way to make a living. I don't know why he stuck in my mind for a while. I wondered why or how he got to that point. He must get rejected so many times a day. That sort of thing must wear on you.

You bump into people everyday and everyone has a story. I think of marbles cascading out of a jar. Where do they end up and which do they touch? Cincinnati? I can't even imagine what's going on there but there's a whole thing there. People selling dreams. People living dreams. 

I wanted to run out of the office to ask this guy who he was (If it weren't for obvious job responsibilities and social restrictions, HA!, I would have). I'm a fairly curious person and want to get to know you. I don't know if it counts as selfish. But, darnit! I GOTTA KNOW.


Leave a comment. Maybe, we'll have pie someday.