The neighbors downstairs

I live in a condo?..townhouse?...thing

My roommate and bestie of years owns it and I just rent a room from him. The area is nice enough. Close to the city, airport, major highways, and public transit. Save for a bunch of fog and being (in my opinion) the coldest place in the bay area, it's quite a good place. Except the  neighbors downstairs. 

The building has four units and two different types of spaces. The two upstairs units are smaller  while the downstairs one is larger and has a back patio. We occupy the upstairs, whilst they have the downstairs. 

These neighbors are the most un-classy folks I have run into. The common area that leads into, and out of, the building is constantly reeeeeeeking of weed.  They have little misbehaving  doggies that are always yelping when I come down the stairs to leave. And they also have something like 37 cars that love to block my driveway whenever they feel it. 



So, I've had this entry saved in my drafts and guess what!? These neighbors have since been evicted. Now, I'm not  one to bask in another's misfortune but these folks totally got what was coming. There were far too many visits from police officers knocking on the building door to get in.  I just hope the little girl who lived there gets a nice peaceful place to live where there aren't a bunch of youths cycling through!