Some growing up dribble, to read

I've been settling in quite nicely into my new work environment. I have found customer service to be sort of a grind... The only time we ever hear from people is when they're having problems with our product. Well, I guess its growing up? Listening to whining all the time, haha! It's so different not being able to interact with people face to face. I miss that ( as I sit here typing behind a screen).

Anyhow, Holidays yeah? "Wow, I can't believe this year is almost over" --everyone 

One of my favorite memories since I've last spoken to you all was a Disneyland trip with almost the entire group of friends. Friends I've had since high school! Tomorrowland was a bunch of hullabaloo because of the upcoming (at the time) release of Star Wars. I didn't get to ride Indiana Jones, but I did get churros and a mint julep. Far too many people there, but a jaunt down to Southern California is always a good time ( NO SURFING!?!? WAAAHHHH D: D: )


There was a funny moment during all this craziness. Everyone was filing out of the park as it was something like 11:30. I had found myself in Fantasyland. I was wearing my golden mickey ears. Late 20s man standing there, filled with excitement and expensive theme park food, deciding which ride to close out the night with. One of my favorite rides in Fantasyland is "Peter Pan's flight".  The line was easily an hour long filled with adults determined to 'never grow up.' Now, if this hadn't been a near 16 hour day I would be one of them. I settled for "Pinnochio's Daring Journey" (btdub, who the heck dubbed these as children's rides!? they are super scurry).  When I stepped out of the ride, I saw what would produce the snapshot above. 

I realized here I am, choosing a daring journey over never growing up. The sword in the stone sits in front of that exit.  A merry-go-round's lights twinkling golden in the background .I looked to my right, Peter Pan, and in front of me the sword sat in the stone. If I had a choice, I would have waited to pull the sword out, I think to myself. Peter has it figured out. The lost boys, I would fit right in. 

I guess what I'm saying in this growing up blog ( a couple years late, I know. I'm a late bloomer, what can I say?) is that it is a daring journey. One that you should take. But, as long as you have your own personal Neverland where you don't let your dreams die or where you can still be a kid, you don't have to be so scared. You're not losing who you are. Enjoy life. Don't worry. Eat churros.