A new place

After about 10 years of working at the same place, I am finally about to leave. Tomorrow is my last day. It is quite bittersweet. More sweet, than anything, but the loss is familiarity will be very strange.  

Today, I was driving home just reminiscing about everything. I liken it to leaving your childhood home. You're excited because you have this new place you're going to. Some new place to explore and make memories in. At the same time your old house knows everything about you, and you, it:

That's where you dropped the glass dish and it shattered everywhere....that's the creaky corner of floorboard that you always avoided when sneaking about. That wall is where I stood when that weirdo was at the door. 

You'll see your old place again, but it'll never be the same. And, it'll be OKAY.

The biggest thing I'll miss is the sense of community. Working in a small town kind of sucks you in. You feel great knowing the cobbler down the street and waving as you walk by. That one lady that makes incredible banana bread that brings some in randomly for you. That older lady that you had a crush on for forever. That young girl who was always just a bit too happy to see you (DANGER!!!). Everything. 

On this momentous eve, I'm hopeful. There are things behind I'll miss, but there are a great many things ahead that I've yet to experience and then miss all over again.